LCOSI Meeting Reminder:


2019 Meeting Dates (Tentative: Subject to change)


January 10, 2019… Acceptance of Internal Review Draft: LCOSI Ecosystem Management Plan - Start of Public Review: Ecosystem Management Plan (1/17/19)


February 14, 2019… Box Creek Mining Presentation


March 14, 2019… Canceled due to weather Close of Public Input Period: Ecosystem Management Plan (3/3/19) – Review Comments, discuss responses


April 11, 2019… Review Responses to Public Input, CNHP Presentation


May 31, 2019… Postponed - Insufficient Flow --  State of the River discussion


June 26, 2019…  LCOSI State of the River Tour


July 25, 2019... Climax Wetland Restoration and Mine Site Tour


September 12, 2019… Doc Smith Leaders in Conservation Award


October 10, 2019… 30 % Design Presentation - Box Creek Reservoir

November 7, 2019… Final LCOSI Meeting of 2019



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Meeting Minutes                                                              July 25, 2019


Reminder –  Next meeting of LCOSI will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2019

Meeting will start at 9:00 AM in Room 317 of the CMC Library, followed by the presentation of the “Doc” Smith Leaders in Conservation Award and a light lunch


LCOSI Climax Mine Tour

July 25, 2019

Location:  Climax Mine



Signed in:

Laura Archuleta, USFWS

Lauren Nance, Aurora Water

John Smeins, Bureau of Land Management

Kristy Gantzer, Aurora Water

Sam Sherwood, Aurora Water

Paul Clarkson, Lake County Land Use Department

Rachel Woolworth, Leadville Herald Democrat

Mike Conlin, LCOSI Facilitator

Ted Graham, CG Development

Kayla Marcella, Lake County BOCC

Mike Attwood, CPW

Lisa Martin, GARNA

Jeni Windorski, USFS



Diana Kelts, Climax

Nell Wareham, Climax

James Haag, Climax

Facilitator:  Michael Conlin

     Conlin Associates



Since the Climax tour was logistically limited by the number of participants who could be accommodated on site, LCOSI participation in the meeting was not open to all members. In keeping with the LCOSI mandate for transparency and open participation, no decisions were called for or made at the meeting.



Mike Conlin announced the departures of long time LCOSI partners Mike Bordogna and Andrew Mackie, leaving openings for members to participate on the Finance and Sign Plan committees.



LCOSI would like to thank Freeport McMoRan, and specifically Chief Environmental Scientist Diana Kelts, Manager of Strategic Community Development Nell Wareham, and Senior Environmental Scientist James Haag, for the opportunity to tour the company’s Climax Molybdenum operations and reclamation projects on Fremont Pass.

The tour was highly educational, providing background on the stages of mining on the Climax site from mineral extraction and processing through environmental reclamation.


The Tour:

Following a safety briefing and general discussion of Climax operations facilitated by Diana and Nell, participants were toured through the Mill and control center by James Haag. Conditions for viewing the open pit mine were not favorable and the tour moved from the mill to site reclamation projects.

The award winning Storke level reclamation project on the headwaters of the Arkansas River was visited. James provided a description of the successful restoration of the stream from an enclosed pipeline to a naturally functioning open stream channel, as well as surrounding reclamation and revegetation efforts. Those with a long-standing recollection of the Storke level operations remembered a highly industrial site, now replaced with native vegetation and a free-flowing stream.

The tour then moved to the Robinson Tailings Pond where topsoil is being made from composted wood chips and bio-solids to reclaim areas of mining and tailings disturbance. A bald eagle was observed presiding over the reclaimed tailings pond, which is often frequented by a large herd of elk.

The tour continued on to the Lake Irwin wetland project which is producing compensatory mitigation for wetland disturbances elsewhere on the site. James described modifications to the soils, vegetation, geomorphology, and hydrology of the site to support the development of a constructed wetland complex to compensate for loss or damage to wetlands resulting from mining activities.

The final stop on the tour was the water treatment plant that treats water flowing from the mine site prior to its return to the headwaters of Ten Mile Creek.

While the socioeconomic impacts of Climax operations on sustainability in Lake County are clearly evident through their contributions to the tax base, employment, and community partnership projects such as the Climax Leadership Center at CMC, or the Lake County Community Field, mined land reclamation projects are sometimes less noticeable.

As once industrialized sites are restored to re-establish their natural characteristics, and water flows clear as it leaves the mine site, visitors to the area with no memory of past conditions often fail to appreciate the reclamation efforts required to restore the resource elements and appearance of the natural environment.

We all share the living, working landscape in the Upper Arkansas River Basin, and appreciate all efforts to utilize natural resources responsibly and embrace environmental stewardship of its land and water resources.

Our thanks to the folks at Climax for the educational opportunity provided by the tour and their continued efforts toward maintaining the common goals of watershed health and community sustainability in Lake County.


Next Meeting

The next scheduled LCOSI meeting will be held in conjunction with the presentation of the “Doc” Smith Leaders in Conservation Award on September 12, 2019.

The meeting will start at 9:00 AM, with the presentation of the award scheduled for 11:30. A light lunch will be provided following the presentation.


Agenda items will include:

·         Request to accept the Final LCOSI Ecosystem Management Plan.

·         Updates on the Andrick conservation acquisitions, High Lonesome Trail sign plan contract, and agreement for LCOSI fiscal sponsorship by the Lake County Community Fund.

·         Status of the 1% for the Outdoors Project and Bob Kendrick Memorial Fund.

·         Recognition of the contributions of outgoing partners Mike Bordogna and Andrew Mackie.

·         Request for new members of the Finance and Sign Plan Committees.

·         Outreach projects with Lake County High School students.

·         Presentation of the “Doc” Smith Leaders in Conservation Award.

·         Updates of ongoing projects and activities.

·         Agenda for the October LCOSI meeting to include the presentation of the 30% design stage of the Box Creek Project.


If you have additional agenda items, please forward them at your earliest convenience as the agenda is already quite full.

Please join us in honoring this year’s Doc Smith Award recipient and celebrating LCOSI’s 22nd year of preserving open space in Lake County.



Mike Conlin

LCOSI Facilitator


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